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A weekend in Saputara

So, we all travel to hill stations near Mumbai over weekends but how many of us have actually ventured a little further to Saputara – located in South Gujarat & at a distance of 255kms from Mumbai?

Saputara is a well known hill-station for people looking to getaway from Gujarat or even Maharashtra for a weekend. Situated at an altitude of 1000 mts and a pleasant climate throughout the year almost leaning towards chilly, this is an ideal getaway for people of sun scorched plains in Gujarat & Maharashtra.


Sunset point

The town is located on the densely forested plateau of the Sahyadri range & is the only hill station in the Dang district of South Gujarat. There are innumerable activities that you can do in Saputara with adventure being one of its biggest draws. As part of the Vibrant Gujarat campaign, Saputara hosts Paragliding & Parasailing festival at the beginning of every year which is definitely worth a visit.

Best time to visit: Though the place has pleasant weather throughout the year, the best time to go would be around the monsoon season. You will experience lush green views & beautiful waterfalls during this season.

Sightseeing Highlights of Saputara

  • Boating, one of the big activities here will take you around the Saputara lake situated in the heart of the valley which is surrounded by hills all around
  • Honey Bee Centre: The Honey Bees Centreis a place where honeybees are reared and pure honey is collected. It is just opposite to the Rose garden. It also provides information on honey industry and honeybee rearing
  • Lake View Garden: The Lake View Gardenis maintained at the banks of lake in the centre of Saputara
  • Sunset Point: The sunset point also known as the valley view point offers a bird’s eye view of the Saputara valley and is good hang-out place with loads of eateries around. You can enjoy a calm evening in the pleasant weather with a hot cup of tea and some garam bhajias
  • Adventure activities: Saputara is also famous for Paragliding which is one of the biggest reasons that draws people here. Apart from paragliding, you can enjoy other activities like Zorbing, Zip Lining, Camel & horse riding & Ropeway
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View of Saputara Valley

Saputara is ideal for a weekend getaway where you can enjoy a fun outing with your loved ones away from the hustle-bustle of city life. There are some good resorts here like Aakar Lords Inn & Shilpi Hill Resort which are ideal for fun getaways with your family.

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