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A weekend in Pench

Arriving in Nagpur for Diwali never seemed like a better idea, cz’ I knew this meant another trip to a wildlife sanctuary in India. I hold a very keen interest for wildlife because there is something that leaves me spellbound. Call it God’s creation or the awe of just seeing a wild creature in its natural habitat, a visit to Pench National Park was not to be missed.

So there we were on a Saturday contemplating on whether to go or not as it was quite a distance¬†& traveling with a child is never an easy option. But we finally decided to go ahead and entered Pench just in time for our afternoon safari. Setting off in this beautiful jungle with sounds of varied birds and animals in intervals, only brought out more eagerness to witness animals & especially the elusive Tiger. Elusive I say because it isn’t easy to spot a Tiger in the reserves in India.

Though we didn’t spot the Tiger as expected we did see some amazing creatures apart from the varied species of Deer. A glimpse of which you can see in this photo library. All in all it was a weekend well spent in wilderness of the Pench Tiger Reserve


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How to get there

Nearest Railway station: Nagpur is the nearest railway station for Pench Tiger Reserve and the city is well connected to all cities across India

By Air: Nagpur airport

By Road: Nagpur is only 88 kms from Seoni in MP

Best time to visit: Feb to June although the cool season (October to Feb) is much more comfortable and still a good time to visit a wildlife sanctuary




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