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10 interesting facts about Bhutan you should know

Bhutan, a land surrounded by the Himalayas and bordering India & China was cut-off from the world until recently. It is a magical Buddhist land that greets visitors with its smiling people, pure untouched nature and majestic views.

Here is some interesting trivia about Bhutan you should know before visiting the country.


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  1. Bhutan is the only country in the world that measures Economy through Gross National Happiness (GNH) which is achieved through 4 foundations – natural environment, sustainable growth, good governance and cultural values
  2. The national sports of Bhutan are Archery & darts.
  3. Thimphu is the only other capital in the world (the other is Pyongyang in North Korea) that has absolutely no traffic lights. When the city did plan to install some, there was such a public outcry that it had to be removed promptly
  4. Gangkar Puensum is the highest point in Bhutan standing at 24,840 feet tall and is also the highest unclimbed mountain in the world. It is considered sacred hence, no one has even attempted to scale it.
  5. Bhutan was among the last countries to lift a ban on TV & Internet- as late as 2011. But today it is not surprising to see mobile phones and computers at people’s homes
  6. Anyone found killing the highly endangered Black necked Crane can be sentenced to life imprisonment
  7. Bhutan is the first country in the world that has specific constitutional obligations on its citizens to protect the environment. At least 60% of the nation must remain under forest cover at all times
  8. Bhutan translates to ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’. It earned this nickname due to the frequent fierce storms that roll in from the Himalayas
  9. As per Bhutanese manners, you should refuse food when offered to you covering your mouth and saying ‘meshu meshu’ However, you can give in after being offered 2-3 times.
  10. Tsechu is the Buddhist dance festival. In this festival monks don colorful costumes & fearsome dragon masks and dance to local instruments like horns, drums & gongs

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