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Traveling with a Child – Not a bad idea at all!

We often hear things like ‘Don’t travel with kids’, ‘ It’s difficult traveling with a young child’, ‘It will be difficult for a child to adjust’. But here’s what it is – A totally doable thing and a Fun thing at that!

All of us with kids must have at some point been advised against traveling with a child. And they’re advises given with the right intentions no doubt. But according to me there’s absolutely no issue in traveling with a child. Life DOESN’T STOP once you’re a parent right.

I have been traveling with my daughter since the time she was 5 months old and No it did not have any ill-effects on her. I travel a lot & I travel at the first opportunity that comes my way. This is my life & I did not want the birth of a child to change that. So when she was growing up & once I got used to the responsibility that comes with being a mother, I moved to Gurgaon to join my husband there. And once there, there was no stopping us.

We have traveled to all places with my tiny tot right from Kashmir to Kasauli, Nainital to Varanasi & Rajasthan. And this is just the beginning. Initially I traveled because its my passion & now when I see my daughter adapting to everything, I’ll travel more.

Admiring nature in Kashmir.
Admiring nature in Kashmir.

There are probably more Pros of traveling & making it a lifestyle for your child than there are Cons. Here’s how it will shape your child & this is from personal experience that I share it with you.

  1. Traveling & breathing different airs makes the child immune to a lot of illnesses. Why I say start young is because your child is still forming all his/her senses, all their organs are still growing. So help them grow to their full potential. Our body is naturally functioned to fight off all bacteria & illness so don’t worry over it.
  2. Your child will learn to adapt to different environments much more easily
  3. Try feeding the child all different cuisines & see how well it goes down his/her system
  4. Your child will get used to the traveling & in turn it will be a Big Boon for you. Trust me! More travel – Less Cries on long car drives, flights, etc
  5. Your child learns to admire nature more. My daughter is extremely observant of all the birds flying above her head, the rustle of the leaves, the rain & life around us in general. This I think is so important in today’s life that we lead where everyone is so cocooned in their closed environments.
  6. Travel is a great way to bond with your kids. It’s the quality time you spend with them while away from home which will be cherished life long, not the routines that you lead at home. My husband bonds the best with our daughter when we’re outdoors.
  7. And lastly, it gives ‘You’ the freedom to be able to do what you like and enjoy it more with your little one in tow who’ll entertain you with all the antics.

So travel if you like! And travel far & wide. Life needn’t stop with a child. Make it more fun & a great learning experience for your child too. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but travel indeed is the best teacher. And you’ll be surprised at all the little nuances your child picks up on the road which no closed door learning can ever impart.

Got some fun anecdotes to share of your travels? We’d love to hear. Drop in your comments below


Kethki Sharma

I totally agree.. we have traveled with our son since he was three months old and there’s no looking back.. the trip to Kashmir was mesmerizing


🙂 Yes. The child just learns to take it as a way of life. Enjoy more such travels with your lil one 🙂


So inspiring!! I wish I did this with my daughter earlier than we started. Nevertheless, I cannot agree more that kids learn to adapt to travelling…and they love it too!!!


Thank you. Never too late 🙂

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