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Pack Smart & Travel Light

‘The world is a book & those who do not travel read only one page.’

A lot of us take this quote as an inspiration & have started traveling a lot. So much that this is the life we know. But not everyone has mastered the art of traveling light. If you wish to be mobile & have a hassle free travel, its extremely crucial to also know exactly what to pack & what NOT to pack.

From the little that I have traveled and the amount of over-packing I did on my initial travels, I have come about to know exactly what I’ll need when I take off. Here is a list which will come handy for your next travel adventure.

Carry clothes but don’t stuff your bag with them.

We all want to look our best while holidaying & why not. What with all the social media pressure to make sure all our pictures are ‘liked’ by friends. But do keep in mind that all the clothes you carry are definitely not going to help while you keep moving from one place to another. Imagine the weight you’d be carrying. Make sure to pack 2 pairs of pants, a couple of dresses & 5 tops that can go with your pants. Also carry 1 or 2 jackets which will add that extra glamour to your repeated outfit. So this way, you’re not in the same look & you’re light on your back too. Remember – You can always wash your clothes on a long trip. You don’t need to carry 1 outfit for everyday. Ideal weight of your bag – 10-12 kgs.


 Carry all cosmetics /toiletries in small quantities.

Let’s glam up on our holiday but sensibly. A lipstick or two, a nice moisturizer & a sunscreen lotion, a face cleanser and all your bath essentials are more than enough for a ‘pretty you’. Don’t forget to carry a washing bar for your clothes. Make sure to stack old small plastic bottles which will come in handy to pack all your essentials


Carry one Winter Jacket / Rain Jacket 

Unless you’re sure of the weather in another country you’re traveling to, it’s always better to have these jackets handy cz’ you obviously don’t wanna spend a huge amount on buying clothes when you’re on a budget right.  Make sure you carry at least one rain jacket & one jacket that can keep you warm.  You never know what the weather has in store for you.

 Running shoes

Whether fitness freak or not, make sure to carry 1 pair of running shoes. Doesn’t matter if you’re at a beach destination. Long walks, hikes or just a run by the beach will definitely need this pair. Plus they’re great support to tired legs while we enjoy exploring unknown lands. I personally love the Nike collection, its trendy and super light on the feet.

Good Music

Great music is a great way to unwind, relax and a great way to start a conversation too. Imagine a long train ride through surreal landscapes. At such times you just want to shut your mind, take in the beauty and enjoy some great music on your music players.


 A small backpack

Whether you’re a backpacker or a suitcase traveler, a small backpack always comes in handy on day trips. Get rid of those saddle bags & purses, it’s time to get rough on the road & you definitely don’t want to be managing your purses while you can jump across a fence to sit by the meadows. Try American Tourister or Targus, these are light, colorful and multi-purpose backpacks.


And lastly a great pair of shades will keep away the scorching sunlight while you enjoy a carefree holiday.

Got some travel tips? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

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